Tuesday, December 11, 2007

El Dia de los Muertos Smock

It's such a busy time of year as a crafter, I almost don't know what to feature on this blog. I've got tons of projects underway at once! One of the cutest, however, is an art smock for my friend from middle schoolTerra's daughter, Bea. Terra requested that I make the smock out of some really fun and funky fabric. The blue and purple (el dia de los muertos) oilcloth is from Mexican Sugar Skull, and the cantina/music fabric is by Alexander Henry.

I am using an existing Montessori art smock (shown below) to create the pattern for this little garment. At Terra's request, rick rack is also featured prominently in the design. I'll post a photo when it's all completed, and perhaps also post a photo of adorable Bea (also shown below, in a photo featured on Terra's blog).


Terra, Bea's mom said...

Rachel--I can't tell you how excited I am for this! T

mely said...

do all montessori classrooms around the *world* use the same smocks? because i *swear* those smocks remind me of my pre-kindergarten montessori days... they're ace! and in great taste :-)

Rachel said...

Thanks Mely... I'll have to let you know how the Honest Ed's smocks turn out... and let me know what you decided to do with your "material". :)