Wednesday, December 5, 2007

When Cats Paint

The other day I decided to paint my kitchen. The new color is a bit loud- it's called "tart apple" and basically my kitchen now looks like I've smeared Granny Smith apples all over the walls. I'll post photos of the project when it's completed. Today's post, however, focuses on what happens when you have 2 curious Siamese cats who wish to help you paint.

Exhibit #1 (pictured above): Mochi decides that she likes the tart apple color enough to temporarily change the color of her back right paw.

Exhibit #2: Said paw, prior to a good scrubbing.

Exhibit #3 (look closely): Meowzle sports a new cat fashion trend- a green spotted forehead.

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didi_international said...

Heee, even your cats are crafty!~