Saturday, January 5, 2008

Crafting: The Early Years

Imagine my glee on Christmas morning 2007 when I opened a present from my parents and found these two shirts. "Surprise!" my mom said, "These are t-shirts you crafted at camp when you were young. I thought you could feature them on your blog!" It's amazing what a trip up to the attic can unearth.

We made these t-shirts at Camp Sky High (Sing along: "Sky High, Sky High, is the best, the B-E-S-T best, oh yes, oh la dee da") sometime in the early 1980s (although I'm sure you could date these based solely on the style [who doesn't love a shredded T?] and prevalence of pony beads!)


Junk Pirate said...

These shirts would have gone perfectly with my roach clip and feather barrettes! (I'm sure that I had no idea what roach clips were way back then...)

Anonymous said...

ahh, so the whole knitting thing isn't a new hobby... just a carry over from childhood. Interesting.