Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Crafty Family

My brother-by-another-brother Matt (see here for an explanation) gave me some awfully crafty Christmas presents. I'm so impressed with his ability to get me gifts that I genuinely like and want. I'm especially enamored with the book shown above, Knitting for Peace. Now I've just got to figure out which of the projects to knit first, and when. I guess I can use my new knitting calendar (see below) to work out a schedule.


Anonymous said...

Wow....i made your blog!...I knew you would like the Knitting for Peace since you mentioned you do the knitting co-op thing and knitted for needy why not for peace....I figured the calendar is good too and it seemed pretty detailed...i got the calendar for Ninny too!

Glad you liked them!...I loved my outfits as well....althought the Dell(sp) is a bit big...i can have it taken in...the Kung Fu one is tight...i am waiting for the right event to wear that one since i am a giant and it will be seen by everyone...LOL

Rachel said...

Hey Matt,
Glad you liked your gifts too! I think the reason the Mongolian jacket is a bit big is because the woman who made it measured John in the outdoor black market. It was so freezing cold that she measured him with his winter coat on! Better too big than too small- we searched ALL OVER for a big enough kung fu jacket in China- people were literally running all over the place trying to find an XXXXL!