Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Totoros Galore!

My husband John is one of the best surprise-gift givers I have ever encountered. He's not one to celebrate on predetermined days (we're not big on Valentine's Day around here, for example), but he'll often surprise me on a non-holiday with something really cool. Today is one of those days! The mail carrier rolled up around 10:30 AM with a big box from Japan. Whenever I get a box from Japan via John, I immediately suspect that a Totoro gift is inside. After opening the lovely packaging, my suspicions were confirmed. Not only did John get me a large, extremely warm Totoro blanket, he also bought the cutest Totoro apron and bag (see below). And there were two origami Totoros included in the box. I just found online instructions for how to make your own origami Totoro; check it out here.

The items came gift-wrapped (of course I saved the paper for re-use):

And, on top of the lovely gift wrapping, one of the items had an origami Totoro decoration:

The incredibly warm and lucky Clover Totoro blanket now gracing our couch:

My new bag, perfect for carrying books to school and/or groceries:

My new apron, which I absolutely love and can't wait to put to use:


mely said...

so cute! i love how most things that come from japan are *cute*!

Rachel said...

Especially my friend Tomoka, she's adorable. Right, Tomoka? ;)

Tomoka said...

Yep, because I am one of those things from Japan. :P

Anonymous said...

Wait? Tomoka is a Totoro or just a thing from Japan?

Rachel said...

Tomoka is definitely not a Totoro. She is much more like Kayako than Totoro. Nevertheless, she is a cute thing from Japan. ;)