Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting My Crafting Mojo Back...

I don't know if anyone will even check this blog anymore, since it's been well over a year since I last posted. But I'm happy to virtually announce the rebirth of my crafting cool, even if no one actually reads about it.

Having a child, moving to a new house, selling an old house, doing renovations on both houses, and finding out that my crappy, crappy sleep patterns are actually because of a medical condition that I've likely had my whole life (sleep apnea) and not just the "normal" first-year-of-parenthood sleep deprivation... it's been a wild ride. And one of the first things to go during this roller-coaster-of-a-year were craft projects. Initially I started this blog to keep track of the ways crafting influenced my life (either through projects I created myself, projects that inspired me, or projects that others had given me). It seemed impossible to keep juggling that ball with all the new ones that came my way in 2008-09.

But- miraculously- I'm ready to start juggling again. Over the past couple of weeks, I started crafting in earnest again. I made a market bag for a good friend's birthday, I made a Halloween costume for my son, and I participated in a lovely Vintage Swap with a most excellent partner. More on all these small victories soon (including pictures)... this post is just to announce the rebirth of Craft Buff. Yippee!

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Valarie said...

Welcome back ! I'm glad you found your drafting mojo and are ready to go. Enjoy.