Friday, June 8, 2007

The Biggest Craft Project I've Ever Done

The biggest craft project I've ever undertaken is approximately 4,000 square feet. In July 2004, I bought a two-family Victorian house in Buffalo. I thought I'd share the exterior of the abode where much of my crafting happens... after all, Craft Buff is an oh-so clever double entendre referring to my love of crafting and the City of Good Neighbors.

Built in 1901, the house had much to recommend it: a ridiculously low price (one of the best-- but certainly not the only-- answers to the inevitable "Why Buffalo?" query); lots of original, untouched oak woodwork throughout; beautiful leaded glass windows; a great backyard; the income from a downstairs rental unit to help with the mortgage; and more. It also had/has its share of challenges: wiring that hadn't been updated since the 1960s (fuses instead of circuits- fun times with both a coffeemaker and a computer plugged in); a maze of plumbing to confound the novice; a downstairs unit desperately in need of rehab; and lots of little (and sometimes not-so-little) things constantly breaking. But after 3 years of pretty steady improvement projects, the exterior transformation mirrors the changes within. Isn't it pretty? I haven't given this away per se, but I do like to share its charms with friends, and our spare bedroom has gotten lots of use. Come visit!

And for more information on the heavy-lifting required to revitalize Buffalo, check out Blueprint Buffalo and PUSH Buffalo.


nerf said...

i seriously didnt recognize it at first... and i've seen that house almost everday for 2 and a half years! it looks so great!

Rachel said...

I know, it's crazy to see the before and after, isn't it? I love our funky candy-cane house!