Thursday, November 8, 2007

What's the Most Interesting Thing You've Ever Eaten?

Before this trip, I'd have said scorpion. Now John and I can add silkworm larvae and starfish to the list. Yes, starfish. On a stick.

If you want to see photos of these adventures, I want comments! Please write in and tell us what unusual foods you've encountered and then I'll post photos of some of us eating some really interesting (and sometimes tasty!) stuff.

Oh, and in case you're wondering- 2 scorpions on a stick are quite pricey, at $6.75 US. Silkworms, on the other hand, come about 8 to a stick and are only .65 cents US. Starfish is served one to a stick for $2 US.

Now, don't you want to see pictures??!

We're headed home today so I'll be posting lots of picture-heavy posts once we get back. I'm not just being coy with this post- it's actually difficult to post to Blogger in China. Stay tuned!


Lucky Monkey said...

Hot-Dog & Bean Burrito with American Cheese & Ketchup!

Welcome Home!

Anonymous said...

I've eaten the red, fleshy, and rather stinky worms that infest the maguey cactus.

There's a long story involving a kind gift to foreigners, worms escaping from the captivity of their ziploc baggie, queasy vegetarian stomachs, live writhing worms hitting hot butter, and an exploding worm somehow making it's way into Chloe's eye...

Now do we get to see those starfish?


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Rachel and John! I want to see pictures! I love the ones at the Great Wall!
Love Lydia

Rachel said...

Lucky Monkey, your burrito definitely sounds interesting. :)
Susan, I want to hear the story in detail sometime- poor Chloe, an exploding worm to the eye is never good, no matter how you look at it. ;)
Thanks Lyd, hope you like the Night Market photos I pasted today (Sat, Nov 10).

Jules said...

I once was in the supermarket, and this lady said, "Here would you like to try fried squid?" Before I knew it, she had the sample in my mouth. I didn't like it much. I am impressed with the scorpians and starfish.