Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Za, Bayartai Mongol Uls!

We have left Mongolia and are making a slow journey back to the States via China! I'm posting from Beijing today, but I wanted to include some photos from our goodbyes in Mongolia. We had such a wonderful time, and we are so incredibly grateful to everyone for their hospitality-- especially Zorigoo, Alta and Urna (Zorigoo and Urna are pictured above with us, at the airport). It's been a great experience.

After we get back to the US, I'll post some more photos from Mongolia, especially our trip to the Gobi, which I only partially blogged about. In the interim, here are some goodbye photos with friends:

John with our dear friend Nansa's family in UB (he was too tall for their house, much to everyone's delight!)

With my friend Solongo at her office (Mercy Corps Mongolia).

Both of us with Bayarsaikhan, the Associate Peace Corps Director for Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Mongolia.

On the plane with Urna's friend Aza and her friend- they helped us by checking in together, ensuring that our bags were not overweight for the Mongolia/China leg of the flight (the weight restrictions are less than half of our China/US flight- yikes!)

Incidentally, "Za, bayartai Mongol uls" means, "Okay, goodbye Mongolia!" :)


Jules said...

Wow, some great pictures! Goodbyes are hard. John's picture with his head touching the ceiling is priceless! Overweight bags, what did you have to do to make them work?

Rachel said...

Thanks Jules! Urna's friends were underweight, so by checking in together, we evened things out... we were over and they were under, so it all worked out perfectly!

Anonymous said...

awww, you must be sorry to leave! Looks like I missed a few days on your blog. Did you get the information you went there to collect?