Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some Night Market Photos

We've returned and in spite of some bad jet lag (or maybe because of it), I'm keeping my promise and posting photos of the Beijing Night Market, along with some of the tasty morsels we ate there!

I believe those of you who know us well are aware that we approached this experience with an open mind and an awareness that cultural difference is totally relative- what's unique in one context is familiar in another. For those of you whom we haven't met, please understand that we experienced these foods not as "other" or "weird" but rather as a way to expand and broaden our own horizons. And we were not disappointed- John liked the scorpions so much that he ate 1 1/2 of them (minus the stinger) and I found starfish to taste remarkably similar to breaded pork chops.


mely said...

weird things i ate in france:

cuisses de grenouille in cream sauce
escargots in parsley butter
foie gras

frog legs are delicious little chicken wing tasting things - surprisingly tender and white - but the cream sauce was the best part of that dish!

the escargots were gross. served in a sizzling hot ceramic dish with individual holes for the escargots and butter, they *looked* stupendous... however, they tasted of nothing, and the butter/parsley was not salted... so it was sort of like eating gummy, buttery snails. poor little things... the texture was exactly as you would imagine it to be.

foie gras - the deliciousness of it far outweighs the guilt felt while consuming it. it's divine. it's amazing. i've never had anything like it. it's spicy, woody and rich...

a weird food that i avoided while in france was 'tete de veau' literally the head of a veal... brains and all... they sell them at the market and there's a specific method of cooking it in the burgundian style...

glad to hear you're back! hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Thats my Johnny Oh... veggie all the Reminder tomorrow Nov 12th is little Nates 4th Birthday!!Miss you guys,
Love Auntie Rita & Cuz Matissey XXXXXoo

Anonymous said...

Where are the sauteed Monkey Lips?

glad you made it back safely...