Monday, October 15, 2007

Ballet and Wrestling: The Saturday Night Continuum

On Saturday afternoon, John and I first went together to a big wrestling match at the Wrestling Palace in Ulaanbaatar. We'd previously attended a wrestling event, but this was a big one: 256 wrestlers competed, including some very big names in the sport. Given the huge number of competitors, the event began at 2pm and lasted until 7pm. This was a conflict for me, as my Mongolian dad had arranged an evening at the National Ballet (he mercifully decided that John might prefer to stay and watch the wrestling...) So, around 4:45pm, John and I parted ways. I left the wrestling event (pictured above) and headed off to a cultured evening watching "Giselle" performed by the Mongolian National Ballet Company. I was not disappointed by the decision, as it was beautifully danced. Also, since I'd never been in the National Music and Dance Theater, I was delighted to get a view of the lovely interior. A photo of the chandelier is below- I generally love painted ceilings in theaters, but I think I love this one much more that usual. Isn't it beautful? The photos of the dancers are a bit blurry, as I obviously didn't think it prudent to use my camera flash.


Ashish said...

Love that chandelier!!!

Recommend trying photography with higher ISOs- it's meant for low light photography.

Jules said...

Those were great pictures! I am sure that your husband enjoyed the wrestling more than he would the ballet. I am glad that you got to see the Ballet. It sounds very interesting and awesome!