Saturday, October 20, 2007

Making New Friends and Reuniting With Old Ones

The last couple of days have been very social for us-- in addition to meeting up with old friends (including Enkhtuya, Enkhbataar, Nadia, Chimgee, and Layton and Ally) and making new ones. I'm pictured above with Otgo, someone about whom I'd heard many amazing things and who I was very happy to finally meet.

Tomorrow won't be as social a day-- we're planning on keeping to ourselves to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. It's really cool that we'll be doing so in Mongolia, the place we originally met back in 1998! All these years later, we're finally celebrating our first anniversary- isn't life funny?


Ashish said...

9 years.. looong time. '98- second year of my work life. It was a good year! For you too, apparently! :-)

mely said...

rachel! you look so beautiful! and happy!!

Jules said...

It is very cool that you met there and that your first anniversary is there! I think that is so cool!