Saturday, June 9, 2007

Joint Project: Baby Afghan x2

My best friend from high school, Becky, and her husband Eliot recently had twin girls (Isobel and Ophelia). The girls are little bundles of C-U-T-E. Early on in her pregnancy, Becky decided to make an afghan for each of them. Many granny squares in, however, her wrists swelled up and crocheting was no longer an enjoyable-- or even possible-- activity. So when she came for a visit in December, Becky brought me the goods, and we tag-teamed to ensure that the little critters could be swaddled in handmade warmth upon their arrival into the world.

I am especially fond of Becky's color and yarn choices here. She chose bold, bright colors and we just made granny squares (large and small) at random until we had enough to put together two blankets. I love that the colors don't immediately connote "Baby" or "Girl" and though the blankets share a common color scheme, they are distinct. Just like Isobel and Ophelia.

And, in the spirit of good actions coming back to you many times over, Becky and Eliot got me a subscription to CRAFT magazine as thanks. (I'd been coveting CRAFT for several months, ever since my sister got me a copy for a Christmas present... but as a grad student, it seemed a big luxury.)

If you're interested in making warm things for new arrivals and/or their older siblings, consider joining the Dulaan 2008 Project. Dulaan 2007 just finished up, so you've got a year to get knitting! (Many thanks to knitter extraordinare Amy for the info on Dulaan.)

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