Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lone Wolf and Cub Table

A few years ago, I drafted my then-boyfriend/now-husband into a whole weekend of crafting! Drawing on his love of comics, I enticed him into a decoupage project. We first found old issues of a comic he loves, Lone Wolf and Cub (Japanese manga first published in the 1970s) and cut out zillions of pictures. We used a table we got from Goodwill, and spent two days with mod podge, adhering cool the cut-out comics all over it. After it dried, we put on a couple of coats of varnish for protection. It's gotten a little yellowed over time, but I plan to varnish it again this summer and hopefully that will even out the discoloration.

Our cats like it too (as well they should, since the one on the left has the middle name of Kogi Kaishakunin):

We made another table with my sisters-in-law, featuring Ranma 1/2 comics, but I don't have any pictures of it.


yynderjohn said...

Finally, something very cool on this blog! yes, every girlfriend should make their husband a samura comics table. I'll remember you said you'd varnish it again too :)

Rachel said...

I like how you say "...something very cool"-- so if I bug you later about how everything on the blog is cool, you can say, "Yes, everything is cool, but I said "something VERY cool." You're smooth, Mr. Craft Buff, very smooth. ;)