Friday, June 22, 2007

Homecoming Potholders

My friend Tomoka recently returned to her hometown of Nagoya, Japan from Buffalo. We spent 3 lovely, ice-cream filled years together here as grad students, and I am really sad that she's gone. Once she got back, Tomoka sent us a package filled with information about visiting her in Japan, which we intend to do soon. She also enclosed two Hello Kitty buttons in the package. I decided to use them as adornments on the potholders I made for her as a housewarming gift since she just moved into a new apartment. So these particular Hello Kitties came from Japan, spent about 3 weeks in the U.S., and are now on their return flight.

I don't know what's prompting it but I find I've been sewing a lot lately. My newest obsession is making knitting needle/crochet hook holders. I'm sure I'll post about those in the coming days.


migisi said...

I have craft challenge for you. What can you do with the 300 remaining business cards I have from the 500 I bought when I started my PhD. It seemed like an awful lot of perfectly good precut card stock to recycle and I've been thinking I need to do something with it. Lara

Terra, Bea's mom said...

I love this idea! Such a great giving back. xoxoTerra

Rachel said...

Thanks Terra, and migisi, I've got some good ideas for business cards. I'll blog about them soon, I promise.

didi_international said...

I miss her too!
That's it...I will make her something too! Let's hope it's something useful~