Friday, June 15, 2007

Mr. Roboto

Yesterday I used the robot iron-on transfers I purchased from The Mod Dots Shop. In addition to this super-cool addition to my husband's now probably-not-for-work shirt, I also made three baby robot onesies:

So cute, right? I am planning on modifying these onesies by adding little skirts. They will be gifts for Ophelia, Isobel, and Islay (Islay is the new addition to the McLeod clan who we will be meeting- finally- next weekend.) I'll post photos of the finished onesie outfits in a bit.

Every baby should have a robot onesie. Not every baby, however, should be subjected to viewing the Mr. Roboto video by the Styx. How do we explain this cultural manifestation? Stuart Hall, I need your guidance on this one. Domo arigato. (Mea culpa, I'm a child of the 80s and couldn't contain myself.)


yan said...

At first I thought you made these for a little bun in your stomache! But anyways, they are sooo cute!

Rachel said...

Oooooh no... I have to "birth" a dissertation first!