Monday, June 25, 2007

What To Do With Leftover Business Cards

My friend Lara recently issued me a challenge. She's finished her Ph.D. program (I'm glad for her but pining away for my own end date as well) and has tons of leftover business cards. What can she do with them?

Well, I immediately thought about an article I'd seen on this very topic in ReadyMade magazine. A reader submitted the cool pop-up card shown above. The article also talks about business cards being used to create address books, clothing, clocks and hanging curtains. Here's a tutorial on Craftster for making a wallet- you could use the business cards where it calls for cardstock.

Although I currently don't have any business cards with which to try this idea, I was also thinking that you could make a really neat miniature photo album from them. Since leftover business cards usually indicate a life change of some kind, it could be cool to incorporate them into a gift that way.

Weigh in, fellow crafters! What would you do with 250 out-of-date business cards?

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Denise said...

Ha, I have the same 'problem'. Your link doesn't work anymore, so I'm still stuck with em :). Please help :)