Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Papel Picado Oilcloth

I'm so excited! One of my favorite websites, Mexican Sugar Skull, has just announced that they are getting El Dia de los Muertos, papel picado-style oilcloth in stock! Oilcloth is great for sewing tablecloths, grocery bags, office organizers and so on. If you're interested in buying some, check their website over the next few days. They say,

"After many years of heckling the oil cloth makers, we finally have a fabulous Day of the Dead oilcloth ! Papel picado banner designs of bicycling skeletons, birds, flowers and skulls, will be a great tablecloth covering for your ofrenda altar, picnic in the cemetery or crafts!

The design will come in 7 color combinations. We will carry all 7 combinations for 8 weeks ONLY and then reduce the offerings to only the most popular colors. We expect this shipment to be available by 9/10/07."

Today is the 11th and it's not yet available for purchase on the website, but keep checking if you're interested too.

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