Sunday, September 16, 2007

Stress and Curtains

I defend my dissertation proposal tomorrow (Monday) morning at 11am. Send good thoughts out into the universe for me, please! My wonderful (Buddhist) friend Nansa has promised to chant for me, which bodes well, I think.

Between preparing for the defense and preparing to leave, I feel like I'm running around in a daze. But I did take a couple of minutes last night to transform a tablecloth into a curtain. Aside from the fact that it could use a good pressing, I think this works very well in our bathroom window; it offers just enough coverage so that our neighbor won't get an unintended peep show but still allows light to flood the room. We previously had a roman shade hanging here, but the cats found the string mechanism a little too tempting. They managed to chew through it and create what was essentially one very long (too long) piece of fabric on the window.

It's really amazing how a few minutes of crafting can center me during a tumultuous time.

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didi_international said...

I will send you positive energy...and I hope to be there with a big smile of support!
You will ROCK the house!!!