Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Baby Hat

I made this little cotton baby hat for my friend John's impending arrival in Manila. I made it from cotton because frankly, being from Buffalo, I know little about head covering practices for tropical babies! Does anyone out there know what kinds of hats (if any) babies wear in tropical weather? Up here in the cold climes, we definitely are a hat-donning culture. But what about the Philippines?


migisi said...

I really can't say I live in a tropical climate, it's more like northern California here, but I think people think of Africa as a warm place so I'll comment. I've occasionally seen babies here wearing hats (at night it can get cool, maybe 55-65F) even in the day time. They were either knit (one was maroon and white stripes that matched his thick knit sweater) or like the t-shirt hat you blogged about the other day. That said, most babies here are bare-headed.

didi_international said...

I saw the beginning of this beauty! Great job Rachel~ it's a good think I don't have a craft would take months for posts :)