Saturday, August 4, 2007

Finished: Grocery Tote

I finished my grocery tote in time for it to make an appearance at the farmers' market this morning! I simply double crocheted (as if I were making a huge hat) and when it was tall enough to resemble a grocery bag, I started double-crocheting a handle (back and forth 7 stitches to make a long scarf-like thing protruding from the bag). When the handle was the length I wanted it to be, I connected it (single crochet) to the other end of the bag. Ta da! Above you see the bag itself, below are the spoils I brought home from the market today.

I bought delicious plain yogurt from White Cow Dairy, some lovely dark leafy greens from Native Offerings Farm, and 4 tasty squash fruits. The bag could have held more but I didn't have a lot of cash at the market this morning; I'd forgotten that I spent it all on admission and drinks at Qualia's excellent show last night. (It's not like the show was expensive, it's only that I only had a $20 bill to begin with!) If you're in the Buffalo/WNY area, check them out:


September, 7 2007 at Club W
Delaware, near Chippewa, Buffalo, New York
Cost : $3



migisi said...

Cool. You could be a Salvadoran peasant- that bag looks very much like a bag that someone gave me from El Salvador. I was trying to look for a photo to show you what my bag looks like and I came across this site which was kind of cute:

Carey said...

Very cool bag. Its nice to meet you, I live near Buffalo as Hamburg.

Rachel said...

migisi- that is a cute site. I had no idea about my bag-- thanks for culturally locating it for me. :)

carey- nice to know that other WNY craft-interested people have stumbled on my blog! We're a crafty bunch, though, aren't we?!