Monday, August 20, 2007

So Much Paper...

In hopeful anticipation that I'll someday finish my dissertation, I have been thinking about what I'll do with all that scrap paper. I mean, a dissertation, even printed double-sided, is an enormous amount of paper. And I'll definitely need to print out at least one less-than-final copy of it for proofreading purposes. So I'm looking ahead to the day when that happens (please, oh please, let it be closer than it feels right now...) Here are some useful links for paper crafts:

1. Two links for how to make your own paper:
Pioneer Thinking
Making paper with kids

2. Paper crafts for kids that don't involve actually making paper, just reusing it.

3. What one crafter does with her leftover paper.

4. In case you want to get technical.

5. Paper crafts galore!

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migisi said...

Messed up double-sided drafts of my undergrad thesis was turned into remade paper, many envelopes in Peace Corps, and some pages still sitting on a shelf at home waiting to be reused. Thank goodness my dissertation was required to be single-sided and I didn't have to wrestle with printing double-sided! I don't know what my readers did with their copies but I think I printed drafts of one paper on the backs of another paper before recycling- I actually managed to not print many drafts out I think...