Thursday, August 16, 2007

Crafty, Lucky, and Delicious...

No, those aren't the names of Snow White's three lost dwarves. Come to think of it, though, wouldn't it be cool if one her dwarves was named Crafty? Anyway, these are the adjectives that best describe the delicious pound cake (made with one whole stick o' butter) that my friend and colleague Susan brought to me today. In addition to the joy that the consumption of this loaf of tastiness will bring me, Susan also included a lucky rock on the beautifully and simply wrapped package. So I fully expect that any writer's block I'm experiencing on the slow journey that is my dissertation proposal will melt away. The pound cake alone already makes me feel I've come into some good fortune.

Note at 8:30 PM: Susan just informed me that the cake actually has one POUND (or four sticks) of butter, not one STICK. I best go easy... ;)

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