Thursday, August 2, 2007

Knitted Knitting Bag

I made this knitted bag to hold my sister's knitting supplies a while back. I gave it to her when she first was learning how to knit, and then she knitted her own bag (a massive felted bag that reminds me of cupcakes because of the yarn colors) and gave me back this one (whose colors remind me of Grover or Cookie or Harry Monster). I used a silk scarf I bought in China to line the inside of this bag, so it's kind of impractical as a grocery tote, although it is not a plastic bag. I'm including a photo taken at a strange angle so you can kind of see the lining. Also, the button on the bag (somewhat camouflaged) is a vintage button I bought at a street fair in San Francisco a few years back. I actually think the button is my favorite part of the entire bag.

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