Friday, August 24, 2007

Monkey Curtains, Completed

Ta da! The monkey curtains I made for our dining room have been completed. I was torn about the fabric (I'm not usually a fan of huge flowers) but it's actually quite nice because the yellow background color helps to keep the curtains from darkening the room too much.

On another crafty note, I also made the seat cushion for the window bench a long time ago. I love that it's velvet but unfortunately so do my cats (and their many, many hairs).


mely said...

i don't see any monkeys.

Rachel said...

Ha ha! They're kind of hard to see because the fabric is gathered. Look on the far-left curtain, towards the bottom. The big brown splotch (wearing a red hat) is a monkey.

Amy said...

The curtains are very cool! Like you, I probably would never have selected the fabric and it just shows what can happen when one is flexible and open to adventure.