Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How to be a Sock Monkey for Halloween

My sister-in-law Ginny (pictured on the far right, above) was a sock monkey at our Halloween/Day of the Dead wedding. She made her oh-so-cute 'n crafty costume. Here's a link to a sock monkey knitted hat pattern. Everyone should have at least one sock monkey involved in their wedding somehow, no?

(In case you're wondering, I later changed out of my eBay dress [pictured above] into a flowing linen shift with Code Pink sneakers and a cat tail and ears. Much more my style, but my husband and I got a kick out of first dressing in "bride" and "groom" costumes and surprising everyone.)


ginny said...

ooh I'm in so many blogs! and they are all about sock monkeys...also i like that picture of us but i don't think i have that exact one, or maybe i have soo many that i just don't recognize it

Rachel said...

You might not have it yet- it's from the set of pictures taken by my friend Sarah.

I should have a "Ginny" category, but I guess one can just click on the "Monkeys" category and find lots of blogs about you!