Friday, July 20, 2007

Knitting/Crocheting Needle Case #3

Elsewhere I have written about the many crafting adventures I've gone on with my sisters-in-law, Ashlee and Ginny. I've also posted about making knitting needle/crochet hook cases. So today I present to you Ashlee's birthday gift (Happy Belated Birthday, Ashlee- I didn't want to post until after you'd received the present in the mail!) I used coordinating fabrics in pink, blue, green and brown for this case, unlike the green and blue cases I made before. I hope Ashlee likes it and makes good use of it. Note: it appears crooked in the photo below but it's not. :)


ginny said...

haha, I knew ever since the first needle case on your blog that you were going to give ashlee one for her bday!

Ashlee said...

thank you, rachel! i just picked up my present yesterday, and it's great!