Monday, July 30, 2007

Leos, Leos Everywhere

I know many people who have summer Leo birthdays. I've been preparing the birthday goods for my sister's 30th (which happens tomorrow) and this weekend I went to a BBQ for two other Leos I know, Angela and Kelly. Although they firmly stated, "No Presents!" on the invite, I checked with Angela, who said a handmade gift would be okay. Behold, necklaces for these Leo lovelies:

The boxes... from Martha Stewart's new line of craft supplies. I had a gift card, these matchboxes were 50% off, the rest is predictable. Here's a link to some other MS packaging ideas, since these particular boxes are not on the Michael's website.

I didn't have any tissue paper readily available, so I used pom-poms to fill the boxes. Turns out that Kelly's cat loves pom-poms, so I sort of gave her cat a gift too.

Voila, the necklaces themselves. Simple but cute, and a celebration of some wonderful Leo women.

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mely said...

those are very cute necklaces! i wish i was a leo.. *sigh*

the latest on france is.... it's a go! leaving at the end of august! let's get together in buffalo or toronto before that!!