Monday, July 2, 2007

Texas Donut: Almost as Big as a Bread Box

It's a stretch to say that this post is about crafting, unless you consider oversized donut-baking a craft. But I just had to write about the Texas donuts made by Buffalo small business Paula's Donuts. I'm not much of a donut eater (though I pity those who have to survive without Tim Hortons coffee-- one of the many benefits of living in a city that borders Canada!) The Texas Donut has, however, captured my heart. Paula will make them in any flavor combination (the one shown above is a huge strawberry donut). And just to put it in scale, check out how puny an orange looks next to it:

For a while I was so infatuated with these donuts that I thought about having one on each table at our wedding as a dessert/centerpiece. Ultimately we went another route (which I'll blog about another day), probably much to the relief of many guests!


Andrea said...

No one loves the Texas donut more than me! When I first found these babies they only cost $1.99. Unfortunately once word got out, the price went up to $3.99. I still consider it the best dessert buy in Buffalo! I must recommend the peanut donut with chocolate creme filling. I hope we can eat one together soon Rachel :)

Rachel said...

Uh oh, Andrea- don't kill me if my post brings the price up to $4.49! We'll have to have an evening of red wine and a Texas peanut/chocolate creme donut. ;)

migisi said...

I was watching Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations last night and he visited in Portland OR where they have bacon doughnuts and made Nyquil doughnuts until they found out the FDA doesn't allow you to make food with drugs in it. Anyway, you'll have to visit if you're ever in Portland.