Friday, July 13, 2007

More Pincushions

My current obsession is with pincushions. I grew interested in them last week Saturday, when my mom and I went to a rummage sale at the church we went to while I was growing up. While rummaging through boxes of glass figurines and such, I found a small blue handmade pincushion. It was made from the metal rims of two canning jars, and my mom told me that she used to make them in school. The one I found was simply a pincushion, but apparently you could also put a tape measure in the middle for extra utility. I bought it for a whopping 10 cents, but am unable to show you a picture yet as I've lent out my camera.

So here, instead, are photos of some beautiful pincushions that others have made:

(The pincushion above is sort of an ode to a Texas Donut...)


mely said...

wow that top one looks like a delicious cupcake.

Rachel said...

I know, it does. And I love how the pins look like the stamen.