Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wonder Welders and Garden Walk

My friend Lara is working for IRC in a refugee camp in Kibondo, Tanzania for the next 6 months (or maybe more). You can check out her blog here if you want to know more about what she's doing there. Lara just posted about a really cool non-profit organization in Dar Es Salaam called Wonder Welders. It's kind of my dream to start an organization like this in Buffalo (I'm not sure that pursuing a PhD was really the best way to achieve that particular dream, but oh well.) Check out the great animal sculptures. I am sorely tempted to go visit Lara in Tanzania and bring back a Dik Dik for my garden.

Speaking of gardens, I went on the annual Buffalo Garden Walk this morning. Here are photos of things I thought were fun:

This is a moss table. Pretty to look at; dining enjoyment factor undetermined.

Funky garden art.

Huge ants. This garden was really beautiful; the owner actually embedded a stained glass window in his wooden fence.

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